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Redevelopment of the kitchen allows you to create a kitchen and serve a room you always dreamed of and can finally afford. There are more and more design options and appliances, and your new kitchen will definitely benefit from it. Whether you start a room from scratch or just do a little upgrade, here are the most popular kitchen trends to follow in 2020.

1. Dry dishes directly from the dishwasher

Dry dishes in the dishwasher will be a refreshing change. Bosch will integrate zeolite crystals to remove moisture. This technology is already used in Bosch Thermador brand dishwashers.

Nobody wants to get rid of wet dishes, but this is a reality with many dishwashers on the market. Your plastic does not dry out. A new kitchen needs a dishwasher that does a better job. Fortunately, Bosch Shpm88z75n, our top-rated model, now includes “magic” mineral zeolite to keep the dishes dry every time. Zeolite crystals absorb 30% of their weight in moisture from the washing cycle and undergo a chemical process that heats them. The result is fast and effective drying. The windows are in a sealed chamber of the dishwasher and do not require replacement. Bosch has been honing the technology outside the United States for years, and the company’s twin brand Thermador is already using it. Kiss the towel to say goodbye.

2. Colorful Cabinets

The green color of the 2020 kitchen and the bright Chartuse cabinets have a modern style. If you do not like greens, then blue cabinets work just as well.

White cabinets are classic and probably will never go out of fashion, but this is not your only choice. Green makes a great color in the kitchen, reminds us of fresh vegetables and crispy apples. You will see many different shades of green on Instagram kitchen next year. Pale mint and olive oil work well in the farm’s kitchen, or you can go with chartreuse or clover green for a modern flavor. If you are more attracted to blue than green, navy blue cabinets will continue to be popular in 2020, especially in lower cabinets. Any color will look great if it complements it with wooden flooring and white tiles.

3. Refrigerators that offer the best protection for food

Fruits and vegetables coexist better and stay fresh longer when the plant hormone ethylene gas is filtered.

Fruits and vegetables will not work well for your refrigerator, as the ripening of the fruit releases ethylene gas, a plant hormone that can cause vegetables to rot beforehand. Your products deserve better. Bosch is now placing an ethylene gas filter in its new refrigerators with French doors to keep the vegetables crispy and tasty for longer.

4. Removable Wallpaper

These temporary backgrounds of Anthropologie (left) and Tempaper (right) are modern and removable if you are willing to try a new style.

Removable wall covering glue that you can apply and remove yourself when you are tired of it, temporary wallpaper can be your new best friend in the kitchen. This will add a good color and texture that gives life to the walls without any long-term commitment. When design trends change, you can change it without making a large investment.

5. Backsplash games running along the wall

Install the Splash Guard to reach the roof. The tile extension gives the kitchen an even look.

Whether you choose white metro tiles or create a large-scale colorful mosaic, the splash guard no longer needs to move from the countertop to the Cabinet floor. Instead, the game can reach the ceiling. It gives the kitchen an even look and creates an impressive focal point.

6. Air roasted in the oven

Some new product lines integrate air fry technology into their ovens. Air fry works for crispy french fries and chicken, and by 2020, creative chefs will use it to make a variety of other delights.

When we write about Revue air fryers, we always explain that they are countertop convection ovens. You can now use an air steak in the oven. Frigidaire has created a number of areas that give you crisp, guilt-free foods, and by that I mean fat. The company offers a basket of chicken, chips or other foods that you want to crush. Select the Air fry mode and use the fan to circulate the hot air, the temperature peaks in the oven to Tan the food and then cool them gradually to cook the interior perfectly. If you buy a lot of frozen foods, this area can inspire you.

7. Special shells wash dishes

Fotil makes a sink, a dishwasher for you. It is perfect for small kitchens and small meals.

If you live alone or with someone else, you may not use the dishwasher every day; there are not enough dishes to fill it. Now Fotile make a small sink that can wash ten items at a time. Water consumption is minimal-about 1.6 gallons per cycle-the strength of the water is strong, and the temperature reaches about 160°. A few drops of detergent clean everything. Fotile has also developed a separate sink that washes fruits and vegetables with soft vibrations to remove dirt and pesticides.

8. Mixed Metal Material

Black goose neck accessories give every kitchen an up-to-date look. If you buy black stainless steel appliances, then a matte black faucet will work fine.

The right material will refresh your kitchen and put together all the elements, so do not be afraid to mix. You will customize the look of your kitchen by changing the hardware, then select some metals and use them for buttons, knobs and plumbing accessories. While the new brushed nickel end looks fresh and is still popular, Rose Gold will appear in 2020. If you want hot metal, try copper or brass. Matte Black has an oily, minimalist feel and draws attention until you overeat. If you like the look, try it with a tap and use different metals in the box handles.

9. Dark device finish


The black stainless steel units provide drama and depth. If you do not buy the same brand with each device, you will see different finishes on each. Each interpretation of black steel is different.

Stainless steel is classic and white is traditional, but other surfaces of appliances look more modern. You can add drama to your 2020 kitchen with black stainless steel and you won’t be alone. Black stainless steel appliances have already found their way to 10% of improved kitchens. However, there is one caveat: each brand has a different fork in black stainless steel, so you may need to stick to the same brand for all kitchen appliances if you want them to match.

10. White Quartz Countertops

The Quartz bench is a good choice for your kitchen. It is durable and easy to care for. This countertop resembles marble.

While dark countertops may look sophisticated, even sexy, white countertops are the most popular in 2020. technical quartz and natural stone fight for the neck and neck for the most desirable, so you can choose to your liking. Quartz comes in a variety of styles that mimic stone and are easy to maintain. New lifelong sealants make natural stone a viable option for low maintenance. A surface that will not be new in your kitchen in 2020 is a busy and colorful granite. Whatever material you choose, choose a “quieter” and more neutral look.

11. Smart Devices

Any kitchen can be improved with smart appliances. You will really enjoy your 2020 kitchen. Your Google Home or Amazon Echo device will read you recipes, errands, answer cooking questions, set a timer, serenade while cooking, and more. You can buy a Wi-Fi multi-cooker for cooking dinner and use an Alexa-enabled microwave to make popcorn. The new intelligent robot vacs Rock cameras are on board, so they are safety devices as well as vacuum cleaners. And instead of sweeping the kitchen floor after dinner, tell a smart vacuum cleaner to clean and spend the rest of your life.


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