Ten Highlights of Kitchen and Bathroom Industrial Exhibition Hardware

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The kitchen and bathroom industry 2020 exhibition, together with the International Design exhibition in January, allowed manufacturers and industry experts, including manufacturers ‘ staff, to see first hand the new appliances, collections and features of kitchen manufacturers.

We have gathered some of the highlights from our kbis experience, which together represent bold design innovations, high performance standards and broad integration with the Internet of things:


The new 30-inch Perlick column refrigerator is divided into four separate temperature zones to keep food fresh at ideal temperatures and conditions. With the perliq touch interface, users can adjust the temperature in each zone or access smart presets for sausages, meat, fish and fresh produce. The interior is stainless steel in the upper half and stainless steel is blackboard in the lower half to increase the brightness of fresh food under LED light, according to the manufacturer. The product compartment offers an electronic humidity monitor and a dual filtration system.


Compact dryer connected laundry steam heat pump 500 series without ventilation with a 24-inch screen operates an efficient monitoring system, without heating elements that recycle hot air to dry clothes efficiently. The dryer has a patented self-cleaning condenser that uses moisture from wet clothes to clean the condenser. Its drainage flows into the foot tube, which increases the installation flexibility, eliminating the need for a side sink. The pair is compatible with HomeConnect, allowing users to control laundry via smart devices.


The range and Victoria bells are presented in Divina Cucina, the third collaboration between SMEG and the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. Each finish is a reproduction of the original hand-painted part on the SMEG device. The wagon series, launched in 2019, is shown with red and orange fruits, while the majolica series, scheduled for 2020, features intricate blue line motifs and illustrations based on Mount Etna blanco and Temple Valley.

Fischer And Pikel

The built-in 24-inch wine column is a new addition to Fisher & Paykel’s integrated design collection, which fits perfectly into existing cabinets with sharp design lines and stainless steel. The finished panel is available or with a stainless steel door panel, and installed flush with thumb holes. The column has a capacity of 91 bottles, with two temperature zones, four predefined wine temperature settings, customizable lighting and absorbent materials to reduce vibration.

Give the team

The modern four-door glass coffee refrigerator consists of four 70-inch diagonal sections, with two dedicated refrigerator components at the top, component, bottom freezer, left and flexible sections at the bottom right. The doors and exterior display a new and modern coffee glass surface containing platinum under the glass surface with pocket handles and stainless steel details. Inside, the refrigerator has an LED light plate on the back wall with an art Deco-inspired geometric pattern; foldable glass shelves and containers and copper accents around the edges of the shelves.


JennAir 48-inch dual-fuel pro-style lines two main design expressions: Rise, a professional aesthetic with grooved handles and bold geometric details, and a modern, black minimalist aesthetic defined by black glass facades. The Black Series includes five brass double flame burners and a chrome-plated hot plate, while the Rise series includes four burners, a hot plate and a grill element. Both lines are equipped with double cavity oven with flat braces, real double jaw convection fan and intelligent Unit remote control.


The 36-inch freedom induction cooker has 56 induction elements over the entire surface, allowing up to six pots and pans to be heated at the same time. The Sapphire Glow feature provides a visual indication when the pot heats up or moves, and the MyZone feature allows the power to fluctuate automatically when the pot or pot moves. The stove can be controlled via a color touch screen or a smart device via HomeConnect. It combines with the masterpieces of Downdraft, a thin ventilation panel that pulls from the countertop when not in use.


Gaggenau ovens, 400 series Steam Combi has a full-size grille, cavity, expanded oven, glass-ceramic facade and temperature sensor, a multi-core with a deviation of one degree, three estimated temperature sensors and a continuous review of the cooking time according to their readings. The automatic cooking system includes programmed configurations for specific dishes that can be adapted to the needs of users. The oven is compatible with Home Connect and it is recommended to combine it with the Gaggenau vacuum cleaner box.


The latest version of the Smart Family Hub interface is now available as a refrigerator side by side. The redesigned interior has a larger capacity than previous models, with ventilation holes to cool the contents evenly. It is made of stainless steel or black and has flat doors, integrated handles and a minimal dispenser. The Family Hub interface allows the family tab to display a digital screen map; display inside, allowing users to search in their fridge and Smart View.

Honey site

The Powerdisk Auto system in the g7000 dishwasher line is designed to automatically distribute the amount of detergent needed for a particular wash cycle. Replaceable power discs are loaded with a detergent that dissolves quickly, in high or low temperature conditions, is effectively washed, and protective factors for silver, and kitchen utensils contain. Users can start, stop and control their dishwasher via a smartphone or tablet .


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