Product Guide 2020 Kitchen and Bath


Manufacturers of kitchen and bath appliances, household appliances and accessories adopt a variety of retro design style, from Art Deco-inspired faucets to industrial-style Ovens and rangetops. At the same time, the new innovation in water savings, cleanliness, comfort and intelligent control opens the way to cocinas and baths in alta Tecnologia in any el estilo of the house, contemporary from to set. Here is an overview of how the latest industry offerings mesh past, present and future:



Belshire collection faucets and bathroom accessories feature square design motifs inspired by Art Deco buildings. Bathroom faucet options include low and high spout models with cross lever or cushion handle section. Personal, hand-held shower and a badewanne shower complete selection of Leuchten, воссоединяется AV complements matched to the design and handmade toilet furniture es walnut and oak with a Carrara marble top and UN facetas sink. The finishes of satin-brass, nickel-platinum,brushed nickel and Chrome are.

Gerber Construction Products

The pre-rinse tap from the Kinzie Küche collection, the pre-rinse tap, the preparation tap and the pot filler provide an industrial aesthetic with a modern one. Leuchten will be available in Gerber’s new brushed bronze definition, as well as in classic chrome and stainless steel, by the end of summer 2020. In addition to 100 SKU will finally be present in the definition brushed bronze-including Bath Appliances, Components and accessories-to allow the declaration of Concepción to Definition einzigartig.


Bosch introduced a series of industrial-style ranges and washers to its 800 series, created in response to the interest of consumers to professional devices. Ranges and trays come in sizes of 30 and 36 inches, with a stainless steel definition or a black stainless steel range option. Hotplates range from four to six burners, depending on the model and size, with two double flame burners on the 36-inch stove. All products compress from industrial aesthetic berührt, says the company, as metal die-cast, Front Control Panel von Nervenzellen button, cast iron weiter Lattice, and pedestal feet.

The Brama

The Brama outdoor refrigerator is designed for fun outdoor use and can be installed internally or as a standalone device. It measures 23 ½ inches long, by 32 ℃ inches high and has a black wardrobe and Interior, three adjustable sliding glass shelves, a stainless steel door lock and an LED control panel-and a temperature adjustment control panel. Additional features include leveling feet, LED light bar and automatic defrost function.

Real Housing

The latest addition to Bauen Sie Ihre Echten custom finish-hardware and manufacturer-Programm is saffron-finish. The new bright color is said to breathe and boost positivo energy, according to the company. Are available for all housing products wahr covered by программу Bauen Sie Ihre Правда-y-вить column 36 поу, refrigerator full grandeza of 42 and 48 hen and wine and drink columns – with a choice of stainless ace, brass cocina, tin, O or вром.


The new water heaters in the Showroom collection partner with any InSinkErator instant hot water tank to provide instant boiling filtered hot water for a variety of kitchens and home use. Leuchten is available in sechs models-two traditional, two modern and two transitional-with a choice of eight finishing materials. They are also available in an instant hot or hot and cold model and have Handys mask front handle to prevent contact with backsplash, as well as a 360-degree swivel handle. You can use them if you want to quickly see the content that is on the following pages of the manual

Bath Hammock Co.

The bath hammock has an elongated Basin and is carefully modeled after the shape of a hammock, which provides both a modern aesthetic pique and a comfortable bathing area for users. The solid Oberfläche bath is large enough to accommodate two adults comfortably together, and the floating concepción and low edge allow users to easily enter and leave the bath. Platte inner base prevents slipping and is beneficial when bathing children. The bath is in two models: Oase, installed between two walls; and Mirage, a badewanne on a pedestal. Haven, a steel-framed Badewanne (pictured), will be available later this year. Matching sinks are also available.


Strahlenden heated towel rail system is designed for use in private houses, apartments or recreational vehicles. The rack is less than 2 square feet and is available in a fine polished, brushed or matte black. It can be connected or connected and works only on 60 watts, equivalent to a стандартн влакон. All Amba towel racks are made with 100% recyclebar steel resistant to corrosion, says la firma.

Sodo Vanity

Sodo Vanity 60 inches presents a Soli and straight aesthetics adapted to traditional and modern spaces, according to the manufacturer. Can be hung at any height and disposable from a single or double sink. The Sodo units are built to order in the United States from cherry, maple, oak and Alder, with dovetail carpentry and national top and sealed lower edges. Soft closing doors and drawers have six-way adjustable hinges and full Erweiterung drawer slides. It is available in four door styles-plate, agitador, Deco tab and ogee tab-as well as 17 wooden finishes.

Give Geräte

Ultrafresh Front-Loading Washer series features an innovative system to keep front-loading washers clean and prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing. A mer-großes seal, Schrägbank to flow after each berechnen, reduces the moisture left inside the tray after A-Zyklus. The company’s Ultrafresh ventilation system with Odor blocks, activated at the touch of a button, circulates fresh air through the door, seal and basket. The articulation, distributor and pump are properties with an antimicrobial additive Microban.

Spa Shower

Spa Shower Nebia von Moen nutzen the patented spraying technology of partner Nebia to create a finely dispersed water flow, bringing nutzen up to 45% less water than a conventional shower head. This process created the feeling of more water for the user. An adjustable slider and shower head pivot allows users to move the system according to their height of water temperature and coverage preferences. An optional hand shower is attached to the wall for a magnetic holder.

LG Styler-PLUS

LG Styler-PLUS-adds a larger capacity alternative to LG’s range of Dampf clothing care units. The new model is about 24 inches wide, and accommodates up to five clothes hanging at a time plus a pair of pants on the interior door. All Styler devices are designed to eliminate odors, reduce allergens and shake wrinkles on a cycle that can last as little as 20 minutes. The soft dry cycle removes moisture from clothes without the risk of shrinkage or damage from high heat, while the hose PNI option provides a clean crease line without iron.


This heat-activated element acts as both a Concepción function and a safety indicator for users. It will be available in a variety of colors, with the ability to customize colors and motivate.

Bocchi bathroom

The toilet sink-monoblock-Etna is one of the many Bocchi bathroom Leuchten, previously available outside the US, which will Rewinde its catalog on the US market as of this year. The sink is made of ceramic enameled with refractory clay, which provides a uniform, non-porous surface that is resistant to scratches and stains. It requires either a floor or wall mounted faucet, and complements a pop-up drain cover of matching color. Personal white, white white, black-matte black and Sapphire Blue.



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