KITCHEN-WITH-BUTCHERAs expected, butchers can always be seen in cozy cottages and rustic courtyards. The surface is made of composite wood panels that are warmer and even more attractive than other materials and do not go out of fashion. Taken from nature, butcher block is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, providing an earthly element to any kitchen. For more information on butcher block counter, read below and check out our inspiring photos to create the perfect counter for your kitchen.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Nut Butcher Block looks divine in this traditional kitchen.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Flagship Kitchen And Bathroom Design Studio
This country kitchen gives us all the feelings of traditional home cooking.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
The durable hardwood countertop is characterized by blue cabinets.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Meg Corley First Interior
Lightwood countertop adapts to light white walls and cabinets.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Matt Joints
You can have the same blocks of Maple grain cutting board.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Building Two Cooks
The countertop has amazing colors and hardwood grains called Sapele.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Armani Delgado Carpenter
The island has become the center of attention with its beautiful wood color.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
The cutting block was tailored by a carpenter in Boston.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Our Services
A light wooden bench can add contrast and a natural element to this white kitchen.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Tea2 Architects
The kitchen island was designed and built by a local furniture store.

What Is A Butcher Block Counter
From the stone to the laminate you will find a variety of materials, from part of the table, to choose when updating your cooking places. But when it comes to the perfect combination of durability and value, is one of our favorite areas for cramped kitchen butcher block. What distinguishes a butcher block from other types of wooden panels will be the building material. It consists of straight pieces of wood that are carefully glued to make a particularly durable surface that lasts many years of regular care. To find out how you can incorporate the material into your cooking area, we have compiled our favorite photos of kitchens with Butcher benches. Look at them!

Can a butcher block be used as a cutting surface? In fact, an unsealed butcher block is effective as a large stationary work surface and has been used for hundreds of years (after all, it comes in its name honestly). This means that it is much more difficult to clean a butcher block because it is a mobile cutting board, so many users use cutting boards in addition to the butcher block. In addition, as mentioned, cuts in the butcher block over time actually leave scratches and marks, characteristic of some, it is better to stay away from others. How much does it cost? Prices vary depending on the type of wood, thickness and construction of the grain. In general, custom quality butchers block wood countertops for about 7 75-150 per square foot. Simply put, a large butcher block is much more expensive than middle-class granite, but cheaper than high-quality natural stone.

The best part is that some companies provide countertops for meat shelves in standard deep countertops with adjustable lengths. If your understanding allows, this is an appropriate approach. And tilted DIY can cut unfinished Block Butcher plate to slide, drives, sides, as well as other obstacles-not a thing that you can not remove yourself with the stone. Since the wood is very simple, many owners mix it with other materials: you can install almost any butcher block, add an integrated cutting surface and choose an island butcher block instead. But butcher block countertops also have their drawbacks. We have cleared through sawdust to find out the options offered as well as the pros and cons below.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Oakley Builders House
A beautiful and rich wooden counter for this traditional Chicago cuisine.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Kaminski + Pugh
Nut Butcher Block Island looks great with a wooden floor made.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Evens Architects
The island in this beach style kitchen is covered with a walnut butcher.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Elegant Handmade Finish
A waterproof wooden bench is possible thanks to the usual finish of Waterlox Craft Art.

Types Of Butcher Block Counters
First we have the grain. The edge grain can be the most used for counters, as it is Cheaper, stable and strong than others. This is done by placing long boards on the sides and connecting them so that their long, narrow edges form a surface. The boards can be made of wood of constant length without seams or boards of random length attached to the fingers. Then we have a butcher grain face blocks, consisting of flat table boards, and their full width, which develops a surface with an elegant appearance. Inclined to highlight when used for cutting and cutting, the face grain is much less ideal for handling kitchen countertops than others. On the other hand, the final grain is created from small rectangular blocks arranged so that the ends (with growth rings) are visible from the outside. The most durable and expensive type of butcher block, it is ideal for surfaces designed for cutting, as it masks knife marks and is soft at the edges of the blade.

How do you take care of your butcher block? If you are someone who likes to spend time at home and also have your fair share of designer shows, you will surely encounter a new trend in the home: butcher block countertops. These surfaces are not only very elegant, but also practical (they are large cutting boards, after all!). But here are some things you should know before you spend money to change the dishes or just improve your cooking island. We have scoop on what you need to consider before you make the jump.

The main thing is that you should take care of them. Although beautiful, butcher block countertops require much more maintenance than their marble or stone counterparts. You should treat the area with mineral oil to ensure natural wood and sandpaper to sand, and then fill in any scratches or perhaps notches that have occurred. This type of repeated treatment should usually be done once a year, but it depends on how you use the desktop. It is good that these countertops, if properly maintained, can survive for a long time.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Elegant Handmade Finish
Black walnut countertop crafts art for this traditional kitchen.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Kenneth Fromm
The beautiful rich color of the wooden counter gives this kitchen a timeless charm.

Big trend
Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Christa Michelini Interior
Nut butcher block is perfect with Benjamin Moore Simply White.


Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
The wooden counter is perfect for this handmade style house.


A. Jennison
The wooden block counter can be easily combined with Benjamin Moore’s Black Knight painting.

Colour mix
Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
Home-Montalcino municipality
A butcher counter with a blue-colored island cabinet catches the eye instantly.

Wooden countertops-Butcher-Sebring-Design-Construction
A. Lynn Design
This farm kitchen has a robust butcher and white cabinet.


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