When it comes to refrigerators, the options of the day go beyond just the glass of ice water, without having to open the door. With custom panels, you can have a break that fits perfectly with your kitchen cabinets. And forget about four doors – some newer models have five or more. You can also take out a cooler drawer and find it filled with cold soda.

How we classify refrigerators

In our laboratories, every refrigerator we test is connected to temperature sensors. We then monitor it for over a month in a temperature-controlled room to assess temperature control and temperature uniformity.

CR test engineers collect over 5.4 million temperature readings for each model to detect hot and cold spots and determine which refrigerators will keep your food fresher for the longest time. The results show that many refrigerators simply do not work well in their main function and this could mean more food waste and higher bills at the grocery store.

Refrigerator location: Where should it go?

It is best to place your refrigerator next to the kitchen counter. Allows fast loading of food on return from the supermarket and convenience in gathering cooking ingredients. This also means that the refrigerator door opens less frequently, so there is less influence on the temperature difference inside the appliance.

Refrigerator capacity: excellent or compact?

Consider the size of your home, as well as your eating and shopping habits. Do you regularly buy fresh food or freeze a lot of leftovers? What kind of temperature zones do you need? BioFresh refrigerator, freezer and / or compartments?

Cooling capacity

2 people – 2 people: about 70-100 liters

3 people or more: adding 40-50 liters per person

Don’t break your back
The ergonomics and setting of the refrigerator can make the kitchen (or they can break your back, well, not in the literal sense of the word, but you will get our drift). If you are not looking for frozen food frequently, a lower mounting device or French door would be ideal. With the refrigerator compartments above waist level and the freezer below, you should not lean too much, with less pressure on the back.

However, if you need to have equal access to both the refrigerator and the freezer, it is best to use the product side by side. The trick is to store frequently used items on top. This way you can squat or squat less.

Choose a style

There is a refrigerator configuration to suit every home. French door models are very popular due to their refined aesthetics. Some consumers prefer the convenience of lower freezers, which place fresh food at eye level, but side by side can work better in a smaller kitchen due to the narrow doors. Here’s what you would like to understand to form the simplest decision. Check out the full reviews of the refrigerator to see how models with different sizes and styles have evolved below in our tests.

What brand of refrigerator do you like?
Most people respect the brands they are happy with.If you’ve got several appliances for a particular brand and you would like to be consistent, you’ll choose an equivalent brand for your new refrigerator.

If you don’t mind mixing and matching, there are many great brands of refrigerators that will work in every kitchen. Whatever your preferences, Best Buy has an excellent selection of refrigerators from a variety of brands, including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool and more.

Choose your favorite color or finish
The color or finish of the refrigerator you choose depends on your personal preferences and your kitchen space. If you have a smaller space in the kitchen, you may want to invest in a lighter color, such as white or stainless steel. If you have a more spacious kitchen space, you may need a darker paint, such as black stainless steel.

Are you worry that you made the wrong decision? No problem – if your favorite style changes, you can always check out the different refrigerator covers that are offered in a variety of colors and finishes.


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