Knowing the sex of the small lump you will get in the coming months will give you an advantage, especially if you want to get a gender-specific kindergarten. Unlike preschoolers for girls, most ideas for boys are somewhat diverse in appearance. The goal of this blog is to expand the options beyond the use of blue colors. We have organized images that can inspire your creativity to create this space for your child.

Many conscious decisions about a small person are almost endless, so it’s best to start with elements that you can control as a parent. The fun part of preparing a room for your child is the joy that comes when you decorate it with an adorable nursery theme. This guide will help you discover the most important things to remember to make sure that the space you put together is a functional and happy place for the whole family.


Stephanie Danby Inside
Scratches on the walls correspond to scratches on the planes. The gray furniture looks great with the floors.


Home-Montalcino Municipality
A great cradle accommodation, shiplap fairing looks great with a blue accent color.


Turnstyle Design
The perfectly symmetrical interior of this children’s room places the crib in front and in the center.


Design Of Mark Ashby
Wooden floor in medium tones is combined with blue textured wallpaper and light paper on the ceiling.


Style And Design Of The House
Royal blue embodies the elegant features of this nursery, curtains, carpets, Spider furniture.


Niche Schneider Interior. So
Hand-painting a jungle Safari is a great way to add depth and character to a nursery.


Livetter Wallpapers
Chevron black and white wallpaper is a gender neutral background enriched with braided accents.


Interior Neelam
Shiplap Wallpaper is a great accent with custom lighting macrame rope, and steering wheel on the ship.


The blue and white stripes make the room look bigger. Dark floors, gray furniture joined together.


Nest Design Studio
Navy blue and white bring this coastal theme Together. The interior is the perfect touch.

Invest in a high quality cradle
One of the most common mistakes that most parents make is not to find a high-quality crib that can last for years. The cradle should be your investment currency throughout the room. Most children use their cribs for at least three years, perhaps even longer. Given the antiquity of such furniture in your room, it is worth getting a high-quality crib. Do not think of a crib as a temporary element, especially if you are going to have more children, a durable crib will certainly take years for your second or even third child.

You can also consider a crib that will become a cot or even a full-size bed. A cost you can throw away, but think how long it will serve your purpose. You should choose wisely on this topic because a crib that turns into a full bed should carry a timeless design, as it will be a “permanent” light in the room. You can choose a crib that suits your personal preferences, but you may have to reconsider whether you have a theme for the whole nursery. One of the most valuable nursery ideas I’ve read before is to keep the cradle type neutral, especially if you plan to have more children.

Your crib must meet all safety standards. Reuse of a crib can be perfect for your Vintage interior, but do not do it if it does not meet safety standards. Remember that this is a place where you can leave your child alone, make sure that he is completely safe. Most children’s boy themes for kindergarten do not imply excesses in the crib, but you can do it freely as long as there is not a single object, which will eventually endanger your child. Knowing that your baby is in a safe place will help you invest in a crib.


Our Services
The wallpaper is perfect for highlighting the wall of the crib. Blue and white combine.


Tracy Connell
The colors green, navy blue and gray in the room serve as excellent reflections for wallpaper and high ceilings.


Signature Of The House
The colors of the painting make it a beautiful sunny day in the open air, perfect for looking at Owls.


Sense of style
This car racing themed space crosses the # 1 finish line in our book.

You need a changer.
A Changer will be useful, since raising children also involves getting dirty diapers. A changing table ensures that you take care of this work in a more pleasant way, because the table makes everything available. Most of the baby’s dirty diaper care needs are placed near the table, so you do not have to leave the baby unattended in the middle of cleaning. If everything is close, then cleaning after the baby will be a pleasant task.

The place you will devote to the exchanger must be somewhere to actually place the business. You can have a separate changer if the kennel is spacious enough to do it. But if there is no additional space, you can have an exchanger that you can add to the dresser so that you have a more comfortable position. These two options will serve as long as it serves its purpose.

Your changer will need some extra items, such as compartments and boxes to store all diaper related items. Toilet boxes keep your delivery of diapers, fabrics, changing clothes, lotions and more organized. Be sure to hold some baby toys properly so that your child has something to play with while cleaning it. Do not forget that you have extra lids to wrap around. You will be surprised how quickly you go through these covered pillows in a day, so many backups are still needed.

Your foot changer should have your life in a child’s childhood years. Most parents try to get exchanges that can be reused for other devices to make their investment more worthy. You can turn it into a toy store or even a bookstore that you can use later in your child’s playroom. There is a lot of DIY you can do. He did his job as a changer. If you use a changing table instead of a stand-alone table, just make sure that it is attached to the top of the chest of drawers at a comfortable height for you. And the best thing is that when the diaper phase is complete, it can be easily removed and what’s left with dresser for your big baby.


Design By Shanna Shryne
Children’s rhymes are the perfect inspiration for the theme of the bedroom.


Suzanne Kletzien Design
Modern interpretation in the night sky. Are they fireflies, city lights or distant galaxies?


Pixy Interior
The bright star of this room is the wallpaper, while the White cradle is shown against the color and pattern.


Integrating simple details into a child’s room will certainly leave the whole room clean and airy.

– Wall art

The simple, comfortable and removable canvas used in this interior has significantly changed the space.


Marcia Moore Design
Everyone would like to spend time in this kennel under the influence of a horse carousel.

Decorative Bedding

Most of the themes in the children’s room have a common cot, while the bedspreads are full of motifs that fit well into the interior of the room. When designed with beautiful beds, the cradle becomes the center that shapes the theme of your nursery. Making out your own style for bed linen is an experience that most parents are very open to decorating a room. You can easily add children’s themes and other gender-related themes to the nursery with what kind of bedding you get. This is the easiest place to complete the color palette you build for the entire room.


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