It is convenient for you to use your old wired router for cutting. It has served him well over the years and rounds the edges of as many pieces as he has worked with as few hooks as possible. You never missed it, and it will take you a long time to lift it out of your hands.

But there are times when it is impractical to carry a compact wired router, for example, when working on a remote farm or when an electrical outlet is too far from your work surface, and the use of an extension cord is excluded. In these situations, it is better to have a wireless router for cutting into your Arsenal.

If you buy a new wireless laminated trimmer, you will find this article useful. We reviewed the top 6 wireless directional routers on the market and also discussed what features you should look for when buying.


Makita xtr01t7 18V lxt li-ion brushless wireless router compact kit
The brushless motor Makita provides faster and more accurate cutting on different materials
The electronically controlled brushless BL motor uses energy efficiently to adapt torque and speed to changing application requirements
Variable speed control scale (10, 000-30, 000 rpm). / min) to fit the application of speed
Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
The ON / OFF button with a separate lock button prevents the tool from accidentally starting to protect the user and the workpiece

Compact M18 Fuel Router (Bare Tools) 2723-20
POWERSTATE brushless Motor: improved SPM and Wired Compact router performance for hardwood cutting

The variable speed handle ranges from 10000 to 31000 rpm and provides precise control for clean edges and details
The macro adjustment button allows you to quickly adjust macros and 1.5 ” adjustable range
Fine adjustment screw provides precise adjustment of more than 1/64 steps”


Sale DeWalt 20V Max XR wireless router, brushless, tool (DCW600B)
Dewalt 20V Max XR wireless router, brushless tool (DCW600B)
Dual LED lights help illuminate the work surface
Ring depth adjustment allows quick and easy height adjustment
Electronic brake slows the engine faster after turning off the device; speed from 16,000 to 25,500 rpm
Variable speed numbering allows the user to adjust the router speed of the program
Soft start motor with full time electronic feedback allows the motor to maintain speed during contractions

Sale, Bosch 12 V Max, this brushless router-Palm-edge (Bar tool) gkf12v-25N
Bosch 12 V Max, this brushless-Palm-edge router (Bar tool) gkf12v-25N
Power: Bosch gkf12v-25N offers an ergonomic 12V Max Palm Edge Router-building and offers a lightweight, balanced design, wireless convenience CE-brushless power and runtime for a hassle-free routing board.
Stability: this Wi-Fi router allows you to easily control most tools and their grip areas located on the workpiece for maximum stability when forming and trimming edges.
Efficient: with EC brushless motor, gkf12v-25N wireless router provides efficient performance up to 13,000 rpm and up to 23 feet. round over Battery amp capacity per hour.
Universal: the gkf12v-25N has a universal depth adjustment system and provides precise depth adjustment (0.04 inches). by rotation of the knob) and a simple adjustment of the depth of the macro.
Convenient: the depth adjustment lock of the router prevents the depth adjustment from changing, while the easily variable contact lock easily changes the wrench for maximum convenience.

Ryobi p601 a + 18V Li-ion wireless fixed base finishing router (battery not included-only tools)
Ryobi p601 a + 18V Li-ion wireless fixed base finishing router (battery not included-only tools)
LED lighting: with a series of LED lights on board this device, you can clearly see your project in less than optimal lighting conditions
Gripzone overforming: hold a firm grip with a rubber coating, so you can handle exactly even under slippery conditions
Depth adjustment button: don’t worry about using with the tool; adjust the depth of your cuts with the edge, easy to use button
Aluminum base: this sturdy base keeps this compact power tool stable when performing a variety of tasks around the home or yard
A + compatibility: several 18V Ryobi Li-ion batteries are compatible with this tool. Compatible battery models include P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107 and P108
Ridgid r86044b 18V Li-ion brushless wireless 1/4 inch compact router W / depth adjustment (battery not included / power tools only)
Ridgid r86044b 18V Li-ion brushless wireless 1/4 inch compact router W / depth adjustment (battery not included / power tools only)
Easy depth adjustment: no tools required to adjust micro drill depth
LED lighting: displays your project with built-in LEDs on when your device is on
Brushless Motor: this tool brushless motor helps you work faster and longer than your buddy kills
Variable speed: you can change the router speed to 17,000 rpm. / min up to 25.000 rpm. / minute.
Soft start motor: this motor needs time to run at full speed to avoid damaging your wood product


This compact makita router has solid and submersible bases.
Included are two 18V lxt lithium-ion batteries, a charger, a hard plastic housing and various accessories.
The device turned on the power button and the lock button.
This laminated lawn mower has variable speed control. The speed can range from 10,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm.
The working surface is illuminated by two LED lamps.
It’s not the most compact cut-off router on the list. The top is especially bulky.
Sebring Lace:
Can’t you decide if you want a fixed router or a DIP router? Why not have both?

With this compact Makita xtr01t7 router kit, you can have like and more. Everything you need to round edges, chamfer or make incrustations is here in this stylish package. Get a solid base and a diving center so you can use what is most convenient for you or suitable for your application. This package already has some Makita 18V batteries, a charger, a hard plastic housing and other important accessories.

The brushless motor is housed in a light but durable aluminum casing. It has variable speed control that allows you to adjust the speed of the program. The battery is also durable, allowing you to get more cuts from each charge.

The only factor that can prevent potential buyers from choosing this wireless router is the price. But if you are a professional who can’t bother looking for compatible parts and want to show off, then this could be laminate Trimmer for you.

2. Milwaukee M18 FUEL-2723-20 Compact cutter
This compact Milwaukee M18 FUEL router has a durable brushless motor.
It has a long battery life and high capacity, allowing you to reduce more during a single full charge.
It is equipped with variable speed control.
This router has built-in LED lights.
Most of the solid foundation is covered by a structured transformation.
The device is sold only as a simple tool. The battery and charger are sold separately.
It does not come with carrying case or hard plastic case.
Sebring Lace:
Although it is a wireless laminated mower, MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 2723-20 compact router as a wired router. Its powerful brushless motor provides a maximum of 1.25 hp so you can work with the toughest and carefree materials.

Its variable speed control allows you to change the speed from 10,000 rpm to 31,000 rpm. the speed wheel is clearly marked on the side so that you can easily reach and adjust it.

This tool has a fixed base with a clamp, and macro adjustments are made with this clamp. For finer adjustments, use a microratt on the front.

There are two ways to change the bits in this tool. You can press the red button on the base and tighten / loosen the clamp with a wrench. Or, if you like the right old-fashioned way of changing pieces, you can always use clip and pen keys.


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